Phase 2 Development Plans

Swansea Drydocks gained the Environmental Permit for the main site in December 2011. We are now moving forward with ambitious plans to further develop the site, which will enable us to increase capacity for both ship recycling and ship repair and further enhance our growth.


We are currently developing the wet berth so that the initial phases of ship recycling can take place there. This is a very expensive project, because of the high costs involved in preparing the site to meet Environment Agency standards and gaining an extension to our Environmental Permit (EP). The wet berth was intended to be included in our original EP application, however delays in gaining the Certificate of Lawful Use led us to develop a two-phased strategy.        
We were very pleased to have been awarded a grant from the Wales Economic Growth Fund, which will help us complete our Phase 2 plans. In return for the grant, we will be securing permanent jobs, and investing in preparing the wet berth area to Environment Agency requirements. Our Phase 2 plans include:
·      The laying of impermeable concreting to protect the land and groundwater beneath the site;
·      Constructing a drainage channel along the full edge of the wharf to capture any run-off from the impermeable surface;
·       Installing a sump and above ground full retention interceptor on site.
Recycling activities that will be undertaken at wet berth include soft stripping and the removal of some hazardous wastes prior to the vessel being towed across into one of the two docks for full dismantling and breaking up of the vessels hull.

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